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We offer: Tile cleaning, free water testing and we finance.
thePOOLstore is here for your pool needs. Whether it be a weekly maintenance service, equipment repairs, cleaning pool tile or purchasing chemicals and accessories for your pool, we have you covered. We have a retail store front that supplies chemicals, liquid chlorine, shock tablets, poles, brushes, test kits and cleaner parts. Go from green to clean is our motto.

Weekly Pool Services

Our basic service is once a week where we ensure the pumps and times are working properly. We inspect for any leaks, check skimmer baskets which includes the cleaner bag and trap basket. We test the water and adjust levels to proper readings. Our basic weekly service does not brush the walls or netting of any debris. Please contact us for pricing because each pool is unique.

Our Complete Weekly Service is once a week. We ensure the pumps and timers are working properly. We inspect for any leaks, we check the skimmers and baskets, including the cleaner bag and trap basket. We test the water and adjust the levels to proper readings. We brush the walls and steps and remove any debris. All you have to do is swim

Tile Cleaning

We offer “first class” tile cleaning. It entails lowering the water level or emptying the pool. In some cases we sand blast the tile scum line. No job is too big and we are ready to tackle the biggest of projects. Please call us today for a free estimate.

Equipment Remodels

We offer equipment remodels. We specialize in all equipment for pools. We can upgrade filters, filter pumps, sweeper pumps, time clocks and we install newer, more energy efficient pool filtration systems. Pool equipment has come a long way. It has progressed so much that you can control your pool from a smart phone. Please call us for a FREE consultation.

Clean Out Services

Our “Clean Out” services include one time cleanups, usually consists of draining of pool, washing down walls, taking all debris out and chlorine wash of tile line, walls and steps. We also refill the pool, clean all filters, baskets, along with rebalancing the chemicals in the pool water. Prices for this service vary by pool size and debris in pool. Please call for a free estimate.

Free Estimates

FREE ESTIMATES! There is no job too tuff and we enjoy what we do and have pride in every job we do. Please call us today for one of our specialist to discuss a solution for your pool. We are ready, willing and able to give you the care and products to enjoy your pool.

One time Cleanup

Have a pool that you want ready for the summer but you want to maintain it yourself? No problem! We will come out and get that pool “swim ready”. You can then visit our retail store for all of your pool supplies. We have EVERYTHING! We also have outstanding pricing. Visit us today.

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